Eleanor Craig - Owner of Fern Ridge Farms


The love that Eleanor has for hardy ferns shines through as she talks about her "babies" during lectures given at garden shows, fern society meetings and Master Gardener gatherings. You will be thrilled at the amount of in-depth knowledge presented at the informal talks.

Known throughout the southeast as the Fern Lady, Eleanor has been researching, growing and propagating ferns for 30 years.  Eleanor began her quest to learn about ferns with the opening of Country Gardens Nursery in Canton, GA in 1986.  In 2000, she began work on Fern Ridge Farms in Cedar Bluff, AL   Nestled in the Appalachian foothills of north Alabama, Fern Ridge Farms has become the home to more than  75 native and hardy ferns. Eleanor’s expertise includes well known native ferns as well as popular North American, Asian and European varieties. Her research has taken her throughout the southeast, England, and Puerto Rico.  Along the way, she has developed close relationships across a wide spectrum of fern lovers.   Eleanor looks for ferns everywhere she goes, and has many interesting experiences to share.

Eleanor’s extensive fern knowledge of all things fern in addition to, her homespun style and quick wit make her a favorite of garden shows, local garden clubs, and master gardener meetings throughout Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee.

She is a member of the Birmingham Fern Society and the  American Fern Society.  Past memberships include the Georgia Growers Association and the Southern Growers Association.

She has won numerous awards including the prestigious Buckley Award from the Southeastern Garden Show.