Champion's Wood

Champion's Wood (Dryopteris championii) is a native of Japan and China. Truly, one of my favorite ferns, it is a hearty evergreen for zones 5-8. It's deep green arching fronds are glossy and leathery all thru winter with very little burned foliage as you can see compared to some of the others. The new fronds that emerge later in spring are a beautiful apple green. Although a slower grower than it's cousin Autumn, it is more drought tolerant and requires less water. It's height is usually 18-24" sometimes taller. It is a good fern for containers or the garden in a partly to deeper shaded area. It is truely a very easy attractive fern to grow and does well in our area.You'll love it's deep green foliage during the cold winter months. See- there are other evergreen ferns besides Autumn!