Hardy garden ferns


We hope you enjoy perusing our selection of hardy garden ferns. To see more about each fern including zones, botanical name and height, please select the fern picture. We hope to add a search feature in the near future so you can search for a particular species more easily.



Applecourt Crested Fern


Arborvitae Fern

Autumn Brillance Fern


Autumn Fern


Autumn Radiance Fern


Beautiful Wood Fern


Bracken Fern


Bramble Fern


Branford Rambler Fern


Champions Wood Fern


Christmas Fern


Cinnamon Fern


Deer Fern


Dixie Wood Fern


Dwarf River Wood Fern


Eared Lady Fern


Eastern Wood Fern


East Indian Holly Fern


Fancy Fern


Florida Wood Fern


Fortune's Holly Fern


Ghost Fern


Golden Scaled Male Fern


Green Cliff Brake Fern


Hairy Lip Fern


Interrupted Fern


Japanese Beech Fern


Japanese Holly Fern


Japanese Painted Fern 'Godzilla'


Japanese Painted 'Regal Red' Fern


Japanese Silver Painted Fern


Korean Rock Fern


Lace Fern


Lace Fern Mcfadden's


Lady Fern


Lady Fern Dwarf


Lady in Red Fern


Log Fern


Maidenhair Fern Northern


Maidenhair Fern Mairis'


Marsh Fern


Mexican Male Fern


Netted Chain Fern


New York Fern


Oriental Chain Fern Formosana


Oriental Chain Fern Jeweled


Ostrich Fern


Parsley Male Fern


Petersen's Glade Fern


Remote Wood Fern


Resurrection Fern


Ribbon Fern


Rosy Maidenhair Fern


Royal Fern American


Sensitive Fern


Shaggy Shield Fern


Shiny Bristle Fern


Silver Cloak Fern


Southern River Wood Fern /Southern Shield


Spikemoss Gemmiferous Fern


Spikemoss Gold Tip Fern


Spikemoss Peacock


Tassel Fern


Tatting Fern


Tokyo Wood Fern


Tongue Fern


Tongue Fern Crested


Tongue Fern Variegated


Upside Down Fern


Victoria Lady Fern

Virginia Blue Fern


VirgInia Chain Fern


Wavy Cloak Fern


Woolly Lip Fern


Wright's Lip Fern